Sunday, 19 February 2012

#24 Rev. Cobb Waverley

Of course, the Bible tells us of the plague of boils, visited upon the house of the Pharaoh. Are you familiar? No? Few are these days I suppose. In any case, it seems plain to me that skin diseases of all types are simply manifestations of sin. In one way or other.

Take my own afflictions. Now I am not claiming to commune directly with The Almighty but I do believe that if you feel something strongly in your heart then this is The Lord’s way of lighting your path. And so I feel somewhat justified in saying that my problems stem from absorbing the sin of others, of taking unto myself their weakness, their evil, their depravity. It occurs simply in the course of my contact with parishioners. No one is totally “clean” after all are they? And some are quite the reverse.

It seems to me it is God’s will for me to draw the filth from the people of this town and take it unto myself. I take no pleasure in it you understand. But accept my duty. My role in His plan. Of course I feel…unsightly. Ugly even. I may even occasionally feel a pang of jealous despair. I am, after all, so far from The Lord’s splendid perfection. But the great and the low have purpose alike. Just as the Lion roars, the worm tills the soil beneath in silence.

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