Thursday, 1 December 2011

#12 Victor Portnoy & Zoya

Victor: I’m going to introduce you to Zoya today. Zoya is part of a long tradition of Russian puppet making and performance that goes back many generations of my family, a tradition I’m very proud to be a part of. Say hello to the nice men Zoya!

Zoya: Hello!

Victor: I think it’s just so important to try and keep traditions alive, particularly if you are from an émigré background. I don’t have much in the way of family left now since mum passed, and in a way that’s probably why I’ve been so keen to maintain and pass on my…

Zoya: He’ll take you places! He’ll take you places you know! In his taxi!

Victor: Haha, that’s great Zoya. What? Yes, I do drive a taxi. We’ve all got to make a living haven't we? It’s great actually. Give me a lot of free time to practice…

Zoya: He’ll take you places! Places you don’t want to go!

Victor: Haha! Wow, Zoya! You are quite a character! Isn’t she quite a character? In case I’m losing you here, this of course is all part of the tradition of puppetry, where the puppet will attempt to humiliate the puppet master for comic effect…

Zoya: He’ll try to do stuff to you! He does stuff to me!

Victor: Shut up Zoya!

Zoya: When he takes his hand out of me he thinks I don’t see! He thinks I don’t see what he does! But I do!

Victor: I SAID SHUT UP ZOYA YOU FUCKING WHORE! Ahem. Sorry. Sorry about that. Can we maybe do this another time?

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