Monday, 14 November 2011

#7: Sunil Mukkar & Ilhan

Are you serious? You’ve never seen “Bloodsport”? Can you believe that Ilhan? He’s never seen “Bloodsport.” That film was an inspiration to me. Because of that film I’ve seen all the other good violent films about fighting. “American Ninja”, “Street Punch”,  “No Retreat No Surrender” all the greats. These films inspired me to strive towards physical perfection. One day I hope to use my muscles to help people, or maybe to get a good job like as a bouncer. But for now I work here in the DVD rental shop with Ilhan.

Ilhan is my trainer. He makes sure I stay in top shape. Are his techniques strange? Some have said so. All I know is it works. He never speaks. All he does is watch me as I work out. I see him urge me to strive harder with his eyes. Urging me to work harder, to dig deep within myself for everything I can give. He is always looking for more. Sometimes he takes off his top, to show me the kind of body I would have if I gave up, if I stopped pushing myself to my limits. Doughy. Inert. Obscenely sweaty. He is a great man. Sometimes a customer comes in and we have to put our tops back on and stop. I don’t mind. I like to help people choose the films they would like to see. But Ilhan. He gets upset and goes into the back of the store for a long time. You really haven’t seen “Bloodsport”? Unbelievable.

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